Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2018: Year in cameraphone review

It has been an interesting year. Plenty has happened, and it has been good.

Right at the end of this year something became very clear to me: I don't care about most people's opinions on my work. Especially people on Facebook.

Facebook is full of people who enjoy sharing photos of dogs in Santa jumpers. Facebook is full of idiots. Any photos that I share to Facebook that aren't pretty sunsets or cute animals sink without trace. And anything that might be a little "challenging" stokes outrage.

If you feel outrage, leave. I'm not forcing you to look at anything and I don't need or want your "support". I make an income as a professional photographer doing interesting work for people who know I can produce good work for them. I make little to no money from the landscapes, and nobody should think for a second that I am a "landscape photographer". So, please, go and follow the work of somebody more saccharine. The last thing I want to do is offend sensibilities.

I am happy with the work I produce. It has been a good year. And here it is, as seen through my phone.

Happy new year.