Saturday, 23 February 2019

Atlanta, GA #1

I'm not shocked very easily but Atlanta, Georgia shocked me. How can large portions of a city centre in the USA in the 21st century be populated mostly by homeless people?

A look of terrible emptiness in most of their eyes, and a bit of madness in the rest. I felt very sad walking around them, and imagining the parts of their lives that were not so visible and probably much worse than what I could see.

One woman stopped me in the street and asked me to take her photo. Her name was Nancy. She gave me a massive grin. (Her photo will be in the second set.)

I don't make a habit of photographing people who are homeless, because I certainly never want to have the "human zoo" criticism attached to my photos, and I certainly never want anybody to feel demeaned by them. But to photograph Atlanta without photographing the homeless would be to tell a lie, so here they are.