Friday, 8 February 2019

Shelby, NC #1

Deserted. The town is utterly deserted of people, except a few homeless people sheltering in the shade cast by the courthouse. Trucks and Mustangs gunning up and down the streets are the only sign of life in Shelby, NC. Everytown, USA.

Abandoned factories. Overgrown - clearly abandoned for a decade at least. Budweiser bottles by the rusting railway tracks which have been tarmacked over where they meet the road.

Where is everybody? Like the missing colonists in Aliens, they were all finally found clustered together in one place, in a cafe.

And if Shelby had resonances from that film, there was another one it might resonate of also: some of the early scenes in the first Hunger Game film were shot here. Post apocalyptic it certainly is.