Monday, 10 June 2019

Appleby Horse Fair 2019 #2

More from the Appleby Horse Fair 2019. See here for the first set.

It's always a pleasure to photograph the fair. There is a really good atmosphere and everybody is just there for a good time. Definitely my highlight of this year's fair was in the campground just before I decided to leave, when a little girl came running up to me asking if I would take a photo of her with a small pony. I asked the pony's name, but it wasn't hers so she didn't know. It was also a bit too big for her to get on, so she ran off to a miniature pony, just small enough for her to clamber on. Again, it wasn't hers so she didn't know its name, but she was an enthusiastic young horse lady all the same.

All the photographs in both sets were taken with 12mm, 23mm and 55-200mm lenses on Fuji cameras.