Friday, 9 August 2019

Appleby Horse Fair 2019 Monochrome

Appleby Horse Fair 2019 in monochrome. See the colour ones here and here.

I realised that this was the fourth year that my trusty X-Pro2 has accompanied me to Appleby. I bought it just before going in 2016, and it has been each year since. That camera looks like you might expect, after four years of doing stuff like this on a rather frequent basis: battered and scuffed.

It has never had a single problem though. I estimate it has shot nearly 200,000 frames in some pretty dreadful circumstances and it works as well as it did when new. It has now been semi-retired for an X-E3 (as it's lighter and doesn't have the optical viewfinder which I never use), but whenever I need a camera that will work in all conditions and hammer nails in if necessary, I reach for the X-Pro2.

Now, if only Fuji would make an X-Pro2 type camera without the OVF, with a tilting screen, and weather sealing...