Monday, 5 August 2019

The night before the floods

As I said before, Grinton lead mines is one of my favourite places. Last Monday 29th July I decided to get out for some fresh air in the evening and went up to Grinton lead mines for a walk up to Sharrow hill to enjoy the sunset and some peace and quiet.

There had been a wedding on the night before at the smelt mill. I'm guessing the people who actually own the land or who else could get permission to have a wedding in such a wonderful place (even if it smelt heavily of sheep..). There was a massive dumpy bag full of bottles ready to be taken away. I'm guessing it was a good wedding when you need a loader to take away your empties.

But otherwise everything was as it always was. A tawny owl fluttering around the smelt mill and the beck springing from its spring and flowing through the tunnel and beautiful little waterways down towards the bridge.

Sunset over Swaledale was a cloudless affair that went slowly went from azure to dark purple, picking up the purple flowers in the early flowering heather. Certainly nobody knew that the following day would bring the worst flash flood ever known in the dales.