Friday, 13 September 2019


A few people have asked, "why Gullwing?"

The real answer is: it doesn't have any particular significance (though it certainly isn't about the Mercedes..).

I like birds. And I do particularly like seagulls. I was living in Istanbul when I first came up with the name "Gullwing". The gulls there were massive, intimidating creatures that floated effortlessly alongside the ferries. They were very impressive.

There is nothing more to it than that. I like gulls. I like their intelligent, fearless, scavenging nature, always on the lookout for something interesting. Looking up in a seaside town and seeing them perched on all the chimneypots and watching them throw their heads back and call out always makes me smile.

I now have my own gull: Abbs, a juvenile seagull found dead on the harbour wall at St Abbs. Holding up his wings and feeling them catch the air was a great feeling, and now he sits perched next to me with his wings outstretched.