Thursday, 3 October 2019

Dalesfolk: Photographic portraits from the Yorkshire Dales

In late summer 2018 I started work on a project to photograph and interview a wide selection of people who live, work and play in the Yorkshire Dales.

I spent a very busy and enjoyable few months up until around March 2019 contacting, meeting, photographing and talking to a hugely interesting collection of people who I would perhaps not otherwise have met. I ended up down caves up to my chest in water; speeding along on a quad bike in the snow (with a dog on my lap); being given a bag full of Wensleydale cheese; getting growled at by the scariest Dalmatian ever seen; and watched a woman with a huge smile on her face shove her arm up the business end of a cow.

Several publishers took an interest in the project but their schedules have not been accommodating to the fact that now a year on from starting, I feel I need to finish the project so that it is published while still fresh, and to clear my time to work on other things. Therefore, I have decided to publish it through

Each copy will cost a minimum of £40, not including postage, and that’s only if you order it directly through me, as I can order the book at a discounted rate not available to others. If you wish to order directly through it will cost about £55 plus postage.

All donations towards this project will ensure completion of this final stage of publishing the book. Whatever you can contribute will help me reach the target of creating 100 copies of the book.
  • Become a LAPWING supporter for £45 and you will receive a copy of the book.
  • Become a CURLEW supporter for £85 and you will receive the book plus an 18x12 inch print of your choice.
  • Become a SWALEDALE SHEEP supporter for £145 and you will receive the book and print, plus a day’s photography tuition.
I have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to the project, and the National Park Authority have offered a small grant under the Sustainable Development Fund.

I am very pleased with the book. It is hardback, with nearly 140 pages and includes nearly 70 people. The photography shows the people in their “natural habitats”, and the interviews with them throw light on parts of contemporary Dales life that people might otherwise not know about. I believe everybody will find something to enjoy about this book, which shows this area in a very honest and illuminating way.

I hope everybody who sees it will find both the photographs and interviews interesting.

Please head on over to its Kickstarter page to donate so you can receive your copy.