Thursday, 5 December 2019

Buckfast Abbey, Devon

A visit to Buckfast Abbey, Devon. An interesting place. The Legoland abbey completed in the 1930s is an odd sight.

However, Buckfast Abbey isn't really best known for its abbey building: it is best known for the Buckfast Tonic Wine that the monastery produces. A lethal mixture of alcohol, sugar and caffeine, I think it took just one sip to give me a bit of a headache, and it is blamed as one of the main factors in a lot of violent crimes in Scotland, where empty bottles of "Bucky" can be found littering streets and waterways.

The abbey has consistently denied that their product (which gives them profits of nearly £9m a year) is to blame for crime in Scotland. I suspect that is rather disingenuous, and to me it is extremely hypocritical for a religious organisation to produce a product that quite clearly has such negative effects on individuals and society.