Monday, 27 January 2020

Surrey Flashback #1

For quite a few years I lived in Surrey and worked in London. Most of my weekends were spent wandering around the hills and forests of the North Downs. Those woodlands are still one of my favourite places, with a number of trees that became very familiar to me: lots of particularly characterful beech trees. I got to know the area so well that I could wander through it in the dark without getting lost.

Looking back at the photos I took there was gratifying to find that they weren't all rubbish. In fact, some were actually reasonably good, back in my old Pentax-SLR-and-shooting-JPG days. I also had a macro lens (I don't have such a lens anymore), which I clearly made good use of, putting all the local insects, spiders and plantlife in front of it.

They were atmospheric and beautiful woods in all seasons, and certainly one of my favourite things was walking through the woods to my spot overlooking Shere and Gomshall and lazing in the sun for a few hours before heading home through the darkening forest, perhaps stopping at the piles of burning scrap wood at the Honeysuckle Bottom sawmill to warm up.