Monday, 12 October 2020

Port Mulgrave #1

Port Mulgrave on the Yorkshire coast is an interesting little place, and probably one that many people who have explored the Yorkshire coast just bypass. It is accessible by a small path down from above, by sea, or along the beach from Staithes or Runswick at low tide. It used to be a small fishing harbour, as well as being a port for shipping out ironstone excavated from the North York Moors. A three mile tunnel was built to connect a quarry with the port.

Sadly, the port was destroyed by the Royal Engineers during WWII to prevent it being used as a landing point by the Germans. Today, little remains of the harbour, but a collection of small huts on the beach are a very interesting sight, as they are mostly made from bits and pieces washed up by the sea.

Port Mulgrave is also a famous fossil hunting site. Ammonites in particular are littered along the beach.