Thursday, 24 December 2020

Free range, organic dinner

Any person who has been to the Yorkshire Dales knows that they are infested with rabbits. Some people might not know that they are a real pest - eating the precious grass that the sheep are meant to eat, and digging extensive warrens that undermine land (and can collapse walls). Richard and his magnificent dog Juno are very proficient at catching rabbits, using the traditional method of ferrets going down into the warrens to flush them out, with Juno waiting to catch them as they dart out. He brings them back to Richard unharmed, and he then pulls their neck for a quick, painless death.

Until that point the rabbits had lived a blissful existence in a very beautiful place. Certainly the very definition of "free range" and "organic".

Once gutted and skinned, one decent rabbit provides a very, very tasty meal, a slow cooked stew with prunes and vegetables, and brandy.