Monday, 18 January 2021

Weddings 2021

 Ah weddings. Remember those things?

Well, an awful lot of couples missed their wedding dates in 2020, and sadly I'm sure more will miss them in 2021.

I also miss weddings. Maybe some people think that wedding photographers are a seriously jaded bunch of people, having seen so many couples tie the knot. And while I may well be a pretty jaded, cynical person in general, I still enjoy a good wedding and it's always rather inspiring seeing a couple I like go up there and make that public commitment to each other. I tend to leave a wedding at the end of the evening feeling rather smiley and buoyant.

So I'm looking forward to photographing some more. Yes, I really do miss photographing people's weddings, because it's something that brings the couple and their friends and family joy, for years to come.

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