Saturday, 6 March 2021

Scanning day at Kexwith

The sheep at Kexwith have been on the moor for the last few months, braving the ice and snow. This was their first time down to the farm this year, for a special date: ultrasound scanning for the proud mothers to be.

Roger Hards is a specialist agricultural ultrasound scanner based in Leyburn. He comes to scan flocks of sheep prior to lambing so that the farmers know which animals are carrying twins, and which are "geld" (not in lamb). When lambing comes, twin mothers are usually placed in a field separately, as they often require the most attention. Knowing the gelds can indicate any infertile sheep (or potentially tups!).

It's a busy day, bringing the sheep down (tricky in thick freezing fog!), processing and scanning them, and then getting them back on the moor.