Saturday, 26 June 2021

Anti-Lockdown Protest, 26th June 2021

Here we are. “Three weeks to flatten the curve.” That was March 2020. What more is there to say that I didn’t say back at the last protest that I attended? The goalposts are no longer on the same continent.

Another march. Easily as many people if not more. A million? I couldn’t say. There was absolutely no point at which you could see more than a fraction of them at a time. A lot of people, basically. The BBC has actually managed to give it a brief mention this time. Things are improving!

The march was much the same as before. An unusual mixture of people from all sorts of social and political backgrounds out with a common cause. It isn’t often you see somebody waving a Trump banner marching next to somebody waving a Free Palestine banner. But that’s the strange time we live in, and frankly, I think it is good that political differences are put aside to fight for the all important goal of returning to normality. Real normality that is. Not the normality where I am asked to squirt foul smelling liquid on my hands (for a virus that the US CDC has stated has a roughly 1/10,000 chance of transmitting on a surface), put a bit of pointless cloth over my face, and scan a government tracing app when I walk into a shop.

Again, I don’t think anything today will change anything. As has been pointed out, the movement against the government restrictions lost long ago. About the very best we can hope for now is a full and independent inquiry where the truth will out.

Instead of writing too much, I thought I might link to a few articles that I feel sum up the last 18 months.

1. Remember all those photos and videos of people falling over dead in Wuhan that were everywhere in the media in January 2020? They were nonsense, weren’t they? Fakery of the most amateurish order, of a phenomenon which has never been seen since. See here to refresh your memory:

2. Good old Neil Ferguson. In my opinion the man should be on criminal trial, heading to a very, very long prison sentence. It is a basic fact that he had a very long track record of putting forward preposterously negative scenarios, with disastrous consequences, and yet somehow people still kept listening to him:

3. There have been far too many absurd examples of nonsense COVID19 rules and regulations to list here. Governments, companies, organizations, have seemed to want to fall over themselves in attempts to outdo each other with new heights of stupidity. Here was a good one from York University, who said that any students in halls of residence who were “self isolating” should wait 60 seconds in the event of a fire alarm to give everybody a supposedly COVID19 free exit from the burning building. Yes, some special person actually thought that up and it was implemented as official policy. I definitely believe IQ tests rather than PCR tests might be the way forwards…

4. On a similar note, the Welsh government recently gave out official guidance to choirs stating that tenors should not be allowed to sing, as there was evidence that they spread COVID19 more efficiently than other types of voice. The problem was, the advice was based on a spoof Classic FM article about such a study. Yes, governments are implementing official policy based on internet jokes.

5. I find the all consuming worldwide obsession with a single (relatively insignificant) virus utterly bizarre. Here is an amusing little piece about a fictional visit to A&E in the time of COVID19:

6. Fauci belongs in prison right alongside Ferguson. I was one of those people who dismissed out of hand the idea of a lab leak, back in 2020. Why did we all do that? Because the Orange Man had said it and it was therefore anathema. However, accumulating evidence and the simple principle of Occam’s Razor are suggesting that it was the most likely course of events:

7. And lastly, just some simple facts for any and all people who may sadly still be labouring under the impression that we are living through bubonic plague. The fact is that excess mortality over the last year hasn’t been anomalous for the last twenty years (which have been historically low), let alone on a longer timeframe. And lockdowns and other restrictions appear to have had no effect on that. Time to ditch the hubristic nonsense and get back to normal.

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