Saturday, 19 June 2021

Climb a mountain in wedding gear? Why not?!

My poor sister and her wedding day.. It was supposed to be in November 2020: their main date got moved to November 2021 (I'm sceptical that date will be allowed to go ahead). But they still wanted to get married, so they booked a registry office ceremony on the day they had originally planned to get married. Government restrictions made that impossible about two days before the event. But, because the Lakes looks beautiful at that time of year we decided to go out anyway to take some photographs. And here they are. Climb a mountain in wedding gear? Why not?!

If you're interested, several subsequent re-schedulings of their registry office date all fell prey to government restrictions. They finally managed to tie the knot in early May, with about five people in attendance, after which we went back to somebody's house to eat fish and chips.