Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Great Yarmouth

Behind the seafront, which is itself looking exceedingly shabby, Great Yarmouth looks like an incredibly deprived town. Norfolk is well known for being a very geographically isolated county: it has no motorways, and its population centres like Norwich and Great Yarmouth are a long way from any other major urban area. And those things are not necessarily bad, but I imagine they have in this case compounded the decay evident in Great Yarmouth.

The main shopping areas have what looks like it might be approaching a 50% vacancy rate. Large groups stand outside pubs drinking and smoking on a weekday morning. And I truly have never seen a place with such unhealthy looking people. It might sound a bit extreme, but "troll-like" is definitely the best way to describe many of the people. I imagine substance abuse is a big problem in the area.

It's hardly an uncommon tale these days though, is it? Blighted urban area with no visible prospects of clawing its way up again. Some revolutionary thinking by the local council needed.