Friday, 1 October 2021

White picket fence emptiness in Fenland

Fenland is a very strange place. I come from a place with hills and valleys, and so it is quite disconcerting to be in a place so flat. Fenland can seem very much like the Great Plains in the US: vast expanses of nothing but big field agriculture, with giant tractors powering up and down the roads carrying heavy loads of crops. It even feels like some of the locals play up to the similarity with that part of the US, as I saw quite a few US model pickup trucks on the roads: it's rare to see three people sharing the front seats in the UK, but I saw it a few times in Fenland.

And perhaps it has even extended to the homes. This abandoned house, sandwiched between a field of stubble and a dyke, would have looked right at home with a white picket fence and an old American pickup parked next to it. Wooden boards, insulated with straw. It was a pretty little place, in the middle of Fenland emptiness.

It still had a lot of stuff inside - and judging from the fusebox had probably been abandoned sometime in the last thirty years. It was particularly strange to see the exact model of fridge and cooking hob that my family had as a child, abandoned in the kitchen. Made in England - when was the last time you saw that?