Sunday, 6 February 2022

"If you can keep your head..."

“If you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”

The narrative is collapsing. You know it’s collapsing when the White House Press Secretary is now distancing the current president from any association with “lockdown” policies, and heaping blame solely on the previous president. Who can blame her, when studies are saying that only 0.2% of deaths were likely saved by the hugely damaging “lockdowns”? (And that is no doubt before you strip out the majority of deaths that were “with” COVID, rather than “from”, which in the UK at least means you end up with only about 10% of the number that the mainstream media always bandies around. For those still unaware that this was happening, yes, there were "COVID deaths" literally from getting hit by a bus...)

What actually needs to happen now?

There need to be criminal trials. First and foremost these need to target Fauci, Collins, Farrar and Daszak. Let’s be honest at this point: the SARS-COV-2 virus clearly emerged from a lab in Wuhan, and many highly respected scientists believe it was probably engineered. Nobody - at this point - is accusing anybody of malicious intent in that engineering, or that it was released maliciously. Merely rank stupidity and carelessness. But let’s be really clear: those aforementioned people knew all this and covered it up, and are continuing to deny any knowledge. They need punishment.

On the UK only side of things I also suggest putting our public health officials on criminal trial. Whitty, Vallance, Van Tam and Harries. They may have been in on the conspiracy to conceal its origins. I don’t really care. Even if they didn’t their decisions were criminally negligent.

And of course, we can’t leave good old Neil Ferguson out of the fun. Reserve a place in solitary confinement for him, for the entirety of his whole life sentence. Nobody else in the world would be more deserving than that charlatan. Though of course shame on any fool who believed the fool, when the fool had been well and truly debunked even prior to 2020.

The narrative is collapsing. But I can see that huge numbers of COVID cultists are still clinging on. Lockdowns, masks, vaccines, vaccine mandates. None of it has worked, and yet so many people are still clinging on to it all.

I have always found psychology both a fascinating and terrifying subject. It explains so much of the less desirable attributes of our brains. Human intellect has achieved things that have elevated homo sapiens above any other animal (though I’m now willing to argue whether that is necessarily a good thing) - and yet we clearly have a brain that is, at its core, no different to any reptile acting purely out of primal instincts. In particular: fear.

So I’m going to leave you with three things to read. The first two, here and here, are a superb summary of where we are, psychologically speaking, and how we got here, and how we might be able to get out of this ridiculous situation.

The last is a good summary of the censorship that made this so possible. Dissenting voices were needed in the last two years more than ever, but in a hugely ironic twist, the modern internet, supposedly a bastion of freedom of expression, did not want to tolerate free expression. We are all impoverished because of that, and the newfound enthusiasm among many people for censorship and the crushing of dissent has dark portent for our future. A newfound enthusiasm for the Faustian (Faucian?) deal to trade liberty for perceived safety will take us to dark places.

I am proud to have kept my head. Right from the start. Those who didn’t were no better than these people, rushing madly in to panic buy toilet paper. I will not forget or forgive those who lost their minds - and told me I had lost mine.